That’s about photography and photographers, folks!

My real name is Tristan, and I am not a professional photographer. I am also active for my job on social networks, and I do need therefore an avatar for one of my passion: photography. But I like to say it is important to be transparent, so you can check my professional background if you wish.

Disclaimer: the opinions of this blog are my own, I don’t work for any company quoted into this blog and I don’t have any shares of any of these companies too. I am not a professional photographer either. I am just passionate and I like to share my opinions. Your comments, whatever they may be, are always welcomed as long as you are polite and respectful.

You can follow me on.


You can see my work here:


You can contact me by twitter or Google + but if you prefer the old school, no offence I do too very often, you can write me at qlikkqlakk / at / gmail.com.


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