In a digital world, software is king. But what kind of software do you need? I would suggest three main categories:

  1. Post-processing software
  2. Archiving and publishing tools
  3. Storage and back-up

Post-processing software will be useful for transforming your RAW files, others to improve your JPEG. Software try to blend things together, and not surprisingly, post-processing can (should?) be embed with archiving and publishing tools, But Digital Asset Management is something complex, and before choosing a software, you really need to define and understand which requirements you actually have. It looks also tricky to just rely on what the other said about these software, I am a strong believer that for software, you need to make your own mind. So download the trial versions, and chose carefully the best options for you.

Storage and back-up can be provided by the same software vendor, or not. In theory it is decoupled. But some integration can also make sense.

There are actually much more: for HDR post-process, as photoshop plug-in (Nik Software), as storage and back-up in the cloud software (Dropbox, Skydrive, …).

When it comes to the question: what do I need? There is of course no simple answer. As usual, it will depend on your requirements, process, time available and budget. You really must take time to evaluate them (I mean both requirements and software!). Blog posts and analysts advice will help you to make a short-list, but you and how you are working are unique, so you must try them and define which one is a match.


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