Web tools

It is not enough to process well your pictures and get the best software.
Nowadays, we also need or we can take benefits from so many web services. Here below my favourites ones:

Tineye: a reverse search engine to know where an image is published.

Croppola: an automatic cropping tool for your pictures.

Digital Camera Database: a great tool to compare cameras sensors! And it does not only focus at the sensor size but other technical specifications too. It looks cleaner and more user friendly to me than the DXO database, whereas extremely detailed. And DP Review comparator does not go so much in details for the sensor itself.

Aviary: a photo editing solution. Not the best tool but can do the job when you need to do this without a heavy client (a software dowloaded on your desktop / laptop).

Flexplore: one of the very rare tool I know useful to discover new great pictures. You need to have at least 200 pictures on Flickr though.


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